Company Safety Policy

In full compliance with the Health and Safety Acts, Critical Area Maintenance is committed to providing the safest and healthiest working conditions possible, and we encourage our employees’ support and cooperation in achieving these aims.

Mrs Linda Alexander is the person responsible for safety matters within the Company; however each employee also carries the responsibility, within their own sphere of operation, to apply the provisions of the Company Safety Policy to themselves, to visitors to the Site, and to the General Public.

New Operatives are expected to learn safety procedures, observe how they are carried out, and take all sensible safety precautions.

All Operatives are informed and instructed, when necessary, as to the safest methods of carrying out their tasks.

Those who continually disregard their own well-being and that of others, are disciplined.

Operatives should be aware at all times that they have a legal duty while at work, to take reasonable care for Health and Safety of themselves and others.

Operatives must co-operate with their Supervisors in all matters relating to their safety, health and welfare, and must develop a personal concern for accident prevention.

Operatives should always use equipment provided in the manner prescribed for safe working.

Operatives must never use defective equipment, and must report all defects to their Supervisor.

Each operative is responsible for keeping his or her working area safe and free from hazards.

Operatives must never interfere with safety procedures, or misuse anything provided in the interest of Health and Safety.

Operatives must never take risks or create situations which may be dangerous to others.

Operatives should make themselves aware of the specified means of escape in the event of fire, and familiarise themselves with the location and operation of fire extinguishers.

Any Operative who becomes ill or injured must report this to their Supervisor. Also, any hazards or dangerous events, whether they involve injury or not, must still be reported to Macro.

If you have any queries about our safety policy please Contact us here.

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