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The importance of keeping server rooms and data centres impeccably clean and free from dust particles and debris cannot be overstated. For your computer system to perform at maximum efficiency, with minimal breakdowns, regular decontamination is vital.

Your IT equipment can be compromised by the smallest pieces of dirt or even fibres from carpet and office upholstery, which can include metallic particles. Any of these elements could interfere with the proper function of sensitive computer components in your server room, and can even be a fire hazard.

Our technicians will clean and remove all dust, debris, and contaminants from every surface, including ceilings, walls, and cabinets. They will also clean the area beneath the flooring where the electrical cables are housed, and where large amounts of dust can collect. This decontamination is carried out with careful attention to every detail to ensure the utmost cleanliness of your IT infrastructure.

When you choose HCCS for your IT hygiene requirements, you can be assured that we will work in compliance with all safety and health regulations. We will leave your server room and data centre completely free from foreign particles and debris that could corrupt your system and cause unnecessary outages.

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