Small Organisations

Keeping computers and peripherals clean and running smoothly is no less important for smaller businesses. The best way to accomplish this is to have your IT equipment cleaned regularly by qualified specialists who are trained and have experience in cleaning sensitive areas and equipment.

Proper cleaning of computer equipment requires tools and cleaning solutions that are especially designed for the job. Very few office cleaning companies have personnel who are qualified to clean IT equipment. In fact, many will not touch the computers in an office, or will simply wipe the screen and keyboard with a cloth. Much more is involved, however, in keeping computers contaminant free.

Critical Area Maintenance are reliable and experienced computer cleaning technicians who will safely remove debris, dust, and harmful bacteria from your office equipment, resulting in minimal downtime, and a safe and healthy office environment.

We deliver efficient, trustworthy service at a reasonable cost. Contact Critical Area Maintenance for a bespoke quotation.

Large Organisations

Critical Area Maintenance provides large organisations with a superior reliable and professional cleaning service.

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Small Businesses

Critical Area Maintenance provides a bespoke cost effective cleaning plan for businesses of all sizes.

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