Workstation Cleaning

We will carry out an in-depth cleaning of computers, keyboards, and monitors at each workstation. We do ask that each user log off and power down their computer before our technicians begin work. Our staff will arrange to clean each workstation at the most convenient time for your employees. A thorough cleaning takes only a few minutes, so downtime will be minimal.

Our special keyboard brushes are designed to attract and lift all debris and dust from within the keyboard, and we use a cleaning solution to remove grease and other contaminants, leaving keyboards in like-new condition.

Keeping your disk drives clean will greatly reduce downtime caused by overheating due to dust build-up. We clean the outer casing of disk drives using anti-static solution which eliminates dust and debris from the disk drive and fans. This process will keep your disc drives in prime condition and prevent future breakdowns.

So contact Critical Area Maintenance today for a bespoke quotation for all your workstation cleaning needs, whether it be small or large scale we can do the job.

Large Organisations

Critical Area Maintenance provides large organisations with a superior reliable and professional cleaning service.

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Small Businesses

Critical Area Maintenance provides a bespoke cost effective cleaning plan for businesses of all sizes.

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